Heating and Cooling Murray UT

Your heating and cooling system is a significant home investment, especially during the cold and warm season in Murray, UT. Everyone wants to get the most out of their HVAC System to provide comfort and quality indoor air for your home. But, along the way, you’ll get too much information about proper maintenance and myths about taking care of your heating and cooling unit. Now, let’s debunk the popular misconceptions about your heating and cooling system.

Myths about your Heating and Cooling Unit in Murray, UT

You only need to change your Air Filter once a Year.

Air filters are responsible for filtering out dirt, dust, and contaminants to provide quality indoor air. Cleaning and replacing your HVAC air filters at least every six months will prevent your heating and cooling system from accumulating debris and contaminants. Air Filters replacement depends on your dirt and pollutants traffic at home and your family’s health condition as well.

You Don’t Need Regular Maintenance.

Regular maintenance tune-ups and check-ups are crucial in maintaining the efficiency of your heating and cooling unit. You do not want to wait until a significant problem occurs with your heating and cooling system. Routine maintenance will detect any problem earlier, so you’ll be able to rectify them earlier too.

The Larger the HVAC System, The Better

The size of your heating and the cooling unit should be relevant to the size of your room. A larger room requires a more extensive system, but using a more significant heating and cooling unit in smaller spaces is not a practical investment. Inappropriate HVAC size towards your room will only get you high energy consumption and shorter heating and cooling system lifespan. 

Cool your Home by Adjusting the Temperature to the Lowest Level

Setting your thermostat on the lowest level on a hot day in Murray, Utah, will only require your heating and cooling unit to work longer and harder. Your air conditioning unit does not go to the lowest level until your room freezes. It has a limit up to which temperature level it is optimized.

You can contact Efficient Systems to check your HVAC system’s power limit.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Place Your Thermostat.

The positioning of your thermostat matters to how well your thermostat is giving the right temperature to your home. Your thermostat is the brain of your heating and cooling system, as it tells the humidity levels of a particular area. It would be best if you placed it strategically where it does not misconstrue your thermostat’s efficiency.

Should I replace my furnace and air conditioner at the same time? – Heating and Cooling Murray UT

Furnace and air conditioner replacement at once can be expensive, but it will save you money in the long run. During this warm season, replacing your cooling is an excellent option to get the most comfort and efficiency. But, replacing your furnace at the same time can contribute to your air conditioner’s efficiency. Your furnace provides the warmth you need to your home, and it communicates directly to your AC unit.

Clearance Distances of your heating and cooling system in Murray, UT

As a rule of thumb, to get the best efficiency from your furnace and AC unit, you need to place them 2 feet apart, and if you have multiple AC units, then you can set them 4 feet apart. Knowing the correct clearance distances is best when you consult a professional HVAC service near you. In Murray, UT, you can always rely on Efficient Systems to provide the best quality HVAC service in town.

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