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As the winter season approaches, your home needs preparation to withstand some of the problems that come with intense freezing temperatures and snow storms. Utah’s temperatures dip to lows around 28 degrees Fahrenheit, but it can creep lower overnight. Your first concern should be to ensure that your furnace is in proper working condition so that your home stays warm throughout the cold season. In addition, HVAC inspection and maintenance ensures that you will stay safe when you turn on your system this winter.

Why HVAC Maintenance Saves You Money

Every year furnaces break down under extreme conditions and leave homes stranded without any heat. In the middle of a cold snap, this could be extremely dangerous. Preventive, preseason heating services in the Greater Salt Lake City metro check your systems for cracks, leaks, and debris. Your system should run smoothly and kick on fast when you need to heat up this winter.

Common Problems for Furnaces in Winter

• A dirty filter is the most common problem for a furnace that stops working. Filters are meant to keep airborne particles from going through your system. The unit may cycle uncontrollably, turning off and on, and air flow may be difficult. This leads to higher heating bills and ultimately, your furnace may break down.
• In addition, your furnace may also suffer from incomplete combustion. This produces carbon monoxide gas. This can poison your family and pets silently as it’s odorless and colorless.
• Is your thermostat calibrated correctly? If not, your heater may turn on more than it needs to or stop working when it needs to turn on in the cold. A quick inspection can fix this problem so that you have accurate temperature control.
• Do you hear a faint whining or grinding? If your HVAC starts making any kind of nose, it’s likely the fan belts. They may be loose, cracked, or worn down. Your HVAC service can check these and all other components to find the problem.
• What about dry air? Part of an HVAC inspection is testing the quality of your indoor air. Humidifiers are able to put moisture into the air of your home, so your contractor may offer other air quality products to ensure that your home stays comfortable throughout the winter season.

Preventive maintenance examines all of these elements and much more in a point-by-point inspection. Small problems can be found and fixed before they turn into major problems.

Safety is the Top Priority

You may think it’s uncomfortable without heat in the winter, but it’s also very unsafe to have an HVAC installation that is not properly maintained. In addition, you could pay more money when the furnace breaks to replace it. Rather than doing that, you can have your furnace checked by an HVAC contractor.

About 200 deaths occur each year from carbon monoxide poisoning from faulty heating systems. A leak in your HVAC system could cause this carbon monoxide exposure, and there’s also leaks for liquid petroleum and natural gas that can flow through your home. While many homes have a CO detector that alerts you to these dangers, it only takes a little bit of time for a leak to create explosive damage and harm to your family.

Dust and debris can also build up in your filter, making it hazardous to your health. If you turn on your heat for the first time in the winter and you get a whiff of burning throughout your house, then your filter is likely full of dust. With proper maintenance, you can avoid sending dust particles through your home and other major problems.

Avoid Costly Replacements with Routine Check-Ups

There are a few ways that preventive maintenance with Efficient Systems Heating & Cooling can help you save money. If your furnace is consistently cleaned and maintained, it’s likely to have less problems turning on and pushing hot air into your home. Without cleaning, it could lean to debris forcing the furnace to break in time. You can get your furnace inspected once a year to prevent these costly breakdowns.

In addition, your furnace can run at optimal levels with a check-up from an HVAC service. You’ll save on energy costs and avoid expensive replacements.

Schedule Maintenance Before Winter Temperatures Hit

You wake up one morning and realize it’s freezing in your home. Didn’t the heater kick on? You head downstairs to find out that the temperature has dropped to 38 in your home, and your heat isn’t working! You could have prevented this with a call weeks ago to an HVAC service. These scenarios are the worst for our clients, but we’re always there to help.

Our professional team answers clients quickly and heads out to your home with all tools to repair your heater. However, it can be difficult to answer these calls in the middle of a snow storm. This is why we always encourage clients to call ahead of the winter season and get a quick inspection scheduled. We can assess your furnace, look for leaks and cracks, check all components, and replace your filter to ensure that it’s in optimal working condition.

As the winter season gets closer, it may be difficult to get an inspection when the cold sets in. You can avoid waiting on an appointment by talking to our team earlier in the year. It only takes one inspection to prevent all of these issues.

Warranty on Your Furnace

If you have a warranty on your furnace, then preventive maintenance is the best way to maintain your warranty eligibility too. Most manufacturers will not honor a warranty to fix or replace parts if you have not properly maintained the equipment. If you have an inspection completed once a year and a problem with your heater arises, the warranty will then cover all of the expenses to fix it.

Schedule Your Inspection Today

It’s time to get your furnace checked out. Let’s make sure that your home is fully prepared for Utah’s cold season. We’re your #1 heating and cooling air repair service in Murray UT, Salt Lake City and other areas in Utah.

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