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Katina Shewell
Katina Shewell
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We had two other people recommend this company and were so glad we went with them. They fixed our AC and also added in a new system to our upstairs. We live in a 1950's brick home so the upstairs could never stay cold enough. Now after 20 years the upstairs is finally cold during the summer and the kids can finally sleep in their rooms again instead of needing to sleep downstairs. The unit is an AC / heating unit so we're excited to have more heat in the winter months, too!
Air Conditioning Contractor Murray UT, AC Contractor Murray UT

The majority of homes and buildings in Murray, Utah are air-conditioned. This is not surprising because the state can experience high temperatures, especially during the summertime.

A broken air conditioner in the midst of the extreme heat is a scenario that every home or business owner dreads to experience.

Performing a DIY is always an option but it is only recommended if you have the right skills and knowledge about air conditioning units.

Avoid the hassle and the laborious task of repairing your air condition unit by hiring professionals air conditioning contractors like Efficient System Heating and Cooling.

Air condition repair can be more costly in the long term especially if you have no idea about what you are doing.

Choosing the Wrong Air Conditioning Contractor can Cause Problems with Your System

If you want your air conditioner to be efficient and give you cool and comfortable air during the hot season of the year, picking the right air conditioning contractor is vital.

Not all HVAC contractors give excellent service which results in numerous problems with HVAC systems after installation.

Surveys made by Advanced Energy have shown that actual running efficiencies versus published efficiencies had discrepancies.

This has been traced to poor installation methods by air conditioning contractors. Other studies conducted showed that 93% of systems have air duct leakage that are below par.

Air duct leakage causes poor indoor air quality and overpayment for energy bills.

Other consequences of choosing the wrong contractor include systems that are oversized which cause noise, short cycling, poor humidity, and shorter equipment lifespan.

Some systems have the wrong amount of refrigerant which leads to higher operating costs and untimely compressor failure.

A poor contractor can also install systems that have incorrect air flows. This causes loud noises, uneven temperatures, and high-energy bills.

Professional Air Conditioning Contractor in Murray, Utah

We know that summertime in Utah can be unbearable due to the heat.

Keeping you cool and comfortable during hot summer days is part of our mission in the HVAC industry.

We have been serving families as one of the best air conditioning contractors in Utah. Our goal is to make your air conditioning systems up and running in the fastest time possible.

For all your air conditioning repair, replacement and maintenance needs in Murray, Utah, Efficient Systems Heating and Cooling is your best choice.

We also have a range of high quality and dependable air conditioning units for sale that will surely fit your budget and needs.

You can also count on us to keep your air conditioning systems tuned up so that you can minimize breakdown and system failures in times when you need your systems to work properly.

Most of our air conditioning systems display the ENERGY STAR ™ label and we are backed by some of the best warranties in the industry.

Enjoy the summer with your family without the stress of air conditioning system issues.

Don’t be left out in the sweltering heat, give us a call or send us a message now.

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