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A popular heating system used in Utah homes and offices due to efficiency, flexibility, longer lifespan, and compatibility.

There are different types of furnaces available in the market and it would be good to understand how they work and what fits your requirements.

Before you choose a new furnace you need to know the latest trends and technological advances in the industry.

Modern furnaces are built to provide better performance and efficiency compared to the furnaces of old.

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As HVAC industry experts with tons of experience, we can give you recommendations on the best furnace for your home.

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Types of Furnace

Furnaces can be powered by oil, natural gas, propane or electricity to heat your home.

Gas Furnace

The most common type of furnace is the natural gas furnace which uses gas piped from the municipal line.

The furnace converts gas into heat through burners, blowers and heat exchangers.

These furnaces are effective in providing even heating and costs lower to run due to the low price of natural gas compared to other types of fuel.

There are also three types of gas furnaces:

  • Single Stage
    This system has a gas valve that opens and closes at a single rate. You get an 80% annual fuel utilization efficiency when using this type of system
  • Two-Stage Furnace
    A two-stage system can adjust the gas flow from low to high. It adjusts the valve control based on the thermostat reading of your home.
  • Modulating Furnace
    Modulating furnaces are more expensive but their features are worth the price.
    This system adjusts the heating output more precisely, targetting a specific temperature from your thermostat.

    The output is adjusted by 1 percent increases in most systems. Your heating system can adjust the amount of gas being used on a minute by minute basis which is highly efficient in colder climates.

    No energy is wasted from the constant shutdown and powering up. The modular furnace will run steadily at lower energy levels, heating is provided with less power requirements.

Oil Furnace

Oil furnaces are ideal if you don’t have access to renewable fuels like natural gas. They are not as efficient as gas furnaces but they can get the job done.

With proper care and maintenance, oil furnaces can last between 15 to 25 years.

Electric Furnace

If you don’t have natural gas lines in your home, an electric-powered furnace can provide your heating needs.

Electric furnaces are cheaper to purchase initially and are smaller compared to other types of furnaces.

This makes electric furnaces easier to fit in your home. They are less efficient than gas furnaces.

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