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AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance Murray UT, AC Maintenance Service Murray UT

Everyone needs an air conditioner that can deal with the hot Utah summers.

Avoid the hassle of your unit breaking down right in the middle of the summer season.

Preventive AC maintenance is vital in keeping your air conditioning units running smoothly and efficiently.

Equipment should be serviced by a certified and reliable AC maintenance specialists like Efficient Sytems Cooling and Heating.

Imagine the start of the summer season and as you turn on your AC unit you get no cold air coming out.

This situation could have been prevented if you had a preventive maintenance plan in place.

Advantages of AC Maintenance

Your aircon unit can be compared to your car if you want hassle-free usage and efficient performance you need to perform regular AC maintenance.

You may have experienced your car breaking down once you fail to do regular maintenance check-ups and services. The same applies to your aircon.

Systems will fail due to wear and tear of various parts. Our certified technicians are here to help you get your systems up and running as quickly as possible.

They are ready to perform repairs or a new installation if needed.

How many times should you get AC Maintenance?

At Efficient Systems Heating & Cooling, we recommend that you have your AC unit cleaned at least once a year.

The best time to do this is during the Summer so that you will have an aircon unit running in top condition once the Summer months begin.

It can get hot in Utah so we understand that your comfort is a top priority.

We have been keeping Utah families cool and comfortable for the past 8 years.

Save money with preventive maintenance

Your aircon unit collects dust and debris even during the months that they are not running.

You may think that nothing is happening while the unit is sitting idly throughout the year.

Simple maintenance work like replacing dirty filters can lower your energy bills by 5 to 15 percent.

Imagine the money that you save!

Having a preventive maintenance plan in place will save you money in the long run and will help your unit run efficiently and last longer.

Are your walls and carpets discolored?

We might have a suspect as to who the culprit is: your AC condensate drains!

When these drains get clogged, humidity rises which can cause excess moisture. This may be the reason why you have discoloration on your walls and carpets.

Regular maintenance can prevent this from happening.

Professional AC Maintenence in Murray, Utah

For the best maintenance service, you need professionals to do the job for you.

  • Our expert technicians will test your unit for refrigerant leaks and deal with the situation.
  • We will check on your air ducts to see if there are leaks in the seals.
  • Airflow blockages and restrictions will be removed so that your unit doesn’t have to work harder to keep your rooms cool.
  • Motors will be oiled, wires checked and belts tested for wear.

Our job is to keep your family cool and comfy during the summer.

Give us a call or send us a message on our website. Schedule a routine AC maintenance for your home or office space now and keep cool during the summer.

Inquire about our early bird promos and discounts on selected AC maintenance services.

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