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It’s winter season in Utah and you know that you have 3 months more or less to deal with the bitter cold.

When you turn on your furnace you are surprised to notice abnormal smells and find out that it no longer produces heat.

These are obvious signs that you are up for furnace repair or worse furnace replacement.

No need to worry, our expert technicians at Efficient Systems Cooling and Heating can deal with your problem if ever you need repairs or a new installation.

Signs That Your Furnace Needs Repair

We use our furnaces when the winter season comes along but for the rest of the year they stay off.

This is when seasonal issues like burst pipes can come and haunt you. We may not realize it but our furnace can get damaged even when we don’t use them for long periods during the year.

Here are telltale signs that you need your furnace repaired by an HVAC professional:

  • Abnormal Smells
    It is normal for a furnace to smell like the fuel that you use. You can notice this when you turn them on for the first time after months of not being used.

    Most odors go away as the unit operates but if a fuel smell persists or some other scent appears out of nowhere then you may have a problem.

    There are many causes to consider like gas leaks or excessive dust that has accumulated in your air ducts.

    You need to call an HVAC professional to determine the source of the odor and deal with the problem.

  • Hard Starting Unit
    You may experience hard starting with an older unit. If you need to start or re-start your unit many times within the day, your unit may likely need furnace repairs.

    Common causes are damaged wiring or thermostats, replacing the worn-out parts usually solves the problem.

  • Lacking Heat
    An obvious sign that your furnace needs repair is your unit not performing its job.

    Whether you experience low heat or no heat at all regardless of your thermostat settings, you should call for professional furnace repair.

    The usual suspects are leaking air ducts that need sealing or damaged thermostats that can’t communicate with the furnace correctly.

  • Discolored Pilot Light
    You should keep tabs on your pilot light. A well-functioning pilot light usually appears blue. If you notice a yellow color you may have a ventilation problem with your furnace.

    The change in color is due to the failure of gases like carbon monoxide to dissipate. This is a reason for concern not only due to health reasons but also the danger of furnace combustion when not dealt with immediately.

Professional Furnace Repair

Efficient Systems Heating & Cooling has been providing professional furnace repair services in Murray, Utah and the surrounding areas for the past 8 years.

We have kept families warm during the cold winter season.

If you have experienced any of the signs we shared above with your furnace we would be glad to help you fix the problem.

Make your home a warm and cozy place during winter by giving us a call or sending us a message now.

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