8 Certain Signs of a Faulty Heating System - Murray Utah Fix Heater

Murray Utah Fix Heater

Your home’s heating system is an essential amenity that you can’t live without. After all, it keeps you comfortably safe during frosty winter months. That’s why you should contact experts in Murray, UT, to fix your heater right away on the first signs of trouble.

Our experts at Efficient Systems Heating & Cooling share eight sure signs that you need heater repair and service. Here they are:

1) Your heater does not reach target temperatures

There’s likely a problem if your heating system is not producing enough heat even though it’s turned on. Check to ensure that the furnace is on and that there is power running inside.

2) Strange Noises – Murray Utah Fix Heater

Listen for rattling, hissing, or bubbling sounds because these could indicate a mechanical problem with the unit. Try turning it off and cleaning any visible debris, then turn it on if it resolves the issue. If you have no DIY experience, it’s better to call our experts in Murray to fix your heater in no time.

3) Your energy bills have been increasing.

If you’re paying a higher monthly bill, your heater is likely not working as efficiently as it should be. If this is the case, it will consume more energy while producing less heat. In most cases, you only need a tune-up or cleaning service from a heater repair specialist to restore its efficiency.

4) The flames in your furnace are yellow or orange.

Orange flames could be a sign of trouble. Flames that are supposed to be blue indicate that the furnace is burning correctly. If they are not, it means the heater’s output is lower than optimal.

5) The system is past its lifespan – Replace or Fix Heater in Murray, UT

If your heater is more than a decade old, it may be a good call to replace it. Heaters last an average of 10-12 years, so it’s probably time for a new one if yours is older than that.

Old or faulty heaters also tend to cycle on and off frequently. It will turn on, warm the house, then turn off again. If you’re experiencing this, it’s best to call in our experts in Murray, UT, to fix your heater.

6) You see water leaking from the furnace.

If you see water dripping from your furnace, there is likely a problem with the condensation pan or the drain tube. That will require immediate attention to prevent water damage and more expensive repairs down the line.

7) There is insufficient airflow.

Reduced airflow could be due to blocked vents, dirty filters, or a problem with the blower. Address this by attempting to clear the blockage, changing the filter, or calling our professionals in Murray to fix your heater.

8) The pilot light is out. 

The furnace will not turn on due to critical issues if the pilot light is out. It might turn into a safety concern, so you should call in a professional to repair your heater as soon as possible.

Murray Utah Fix Heater

If you are experiencing any of these signs, don’t wait. Contact Efficient Systems Heating & Cooling today to diagnose and repair your heater. Please schedule an appointment or visit our headquarters at 6056 700 W, Murray, UT 84123.