Why Hiring the Right HVAC Installation Company in Murray, Utah is Important

One of the most important days in the life of any HVAC system is the day of installation.

The bad news is studies show that too many HVAC units are improperly installed.

We all know how hot it gets in Utah during the summer and how cold it is in the winter season.

Having an HVAC system breakdown during these seasons can be a nightmare.

If you want to experience comfort all year round, you need to hire the right HVAC Installation company in Murray, Utah.

One of the factors in having an efficient and comfortable HVAC System is not making any mistakes in the installation process.

Not to put other contractors down, but the truth is many heating and cooling contractors do an inferior job of installing HVAC systems.

Based on a report from the Comfort Institute, there is a lot more to the efficient operation of your HVAC systems than the manufacturer’s ratings.

Efficiency numbers are derived in a controlled environment often at a manufacturer’s laboratory.

Many things can go wrong when an HVAC Installation Company takes the equipment into the real world and installs it in your home.

It’s common for homeowners to get systems not delivering the rated efficiency.

A recent study shows that 9 out of 10 new systems had energy wasting mistakes due to errors by the installing contractor.

Consequences of a Poorly Installed HVAC System

Modern HVAC systems take advantage of the latest technologies where homeowners can experience lower energy bills.

The primary determinant, however, is having an HVAC Installation Company install your system the right way.

A system that is wrongly installed can waste hundreds of dollars in utility bills and can lower the lifespan of your HVAC system.

How to Know if Your HVAC System is Improperly Installed

A technician installing the indoor unit of an HVAC system
Murray Hvac Installation

Faulty HVAC system installation errors can compromise published energy efficiency ratings.

Numerous things can go wrong with regard to the installation of your HVAC system.

Logic may dictate that your home is not getting cold enough because your unit is too small, but this is not always the case.

Installing an undersized HVAC unit will cause your equipment to work harder than usual.

This can affect the lifespan of your unit and result in higher energy bills. On the other side of the spectrum, an oversized unit will cost more to purchase and operate.

Once you install an HVAC unit, it has to be charged with refrigerant. A system that has too little can cause your unit to cool your room slowly than usual and, on sweltering summer days, may not be able to cool the room properly.

A system with too much refrigerant can freeze lines, which results in overworking the unit.

If an HVAC Installation company improperly charges your unit with coolant, you can get stuck with a system that has a short lifespan.

Ductwork is another area where HVAC installation can go terribly wrong. It has to be airtight so that there are no air leaks and blockages. Improper ductwork can lead to some rooms being colder than others, which can cause your unit to overwork.

The amount of electricity going into your HVAC system is crucial for proper operation. Too much voltage can cause a short circuit, while too little may prevent your unit from working efficiently.

When coolant lines are not correctly pressure set, it can blow out the lines of your HVAC system. Coolant loss and system failure can happen.

Among all these HVAC installation mistakes, an NIST study shows that sealed ductwork is the most common error that HVAC installation companies in Utah make.

Leaky ducts, combined with other installation errors, add to the effects of energy consumption.

Airflow is affected by the volume of air your unit can move and how much your ductwork can move the air back and forth from your HVAC system.

Professional HVAC Maintenance Services from Efficient Systems Heating and Cooling

There should be no shortcuts in selecting the right HVAC installation company in Murray, Utah.

Avoid the headaches of choosing the wrong HVAC installation contractor today. Make Efficient Systems Heating and Cooling your company of choice.

Many Utah homeowners think that they can get away with choosing the cheapest company they can find for HVAC installation. The truth is, the task requires skills, tools, and experience only professional HVAC companies can deliver.

You end up paying more when higher energy bills come your way. An overworked system will also cause you to replace the whole system earlier than expected.

Installing a new HVAC system is a considerable investment; you owe it to yourself to choose wisely.

Here are the reasons why you should leave HVAC Installation to us:

  • Our certified experts are always ready to repair, install, and maintain your heating and cooling systems.
  • AC installation can be completed in a day
  • We will check your HVAC system to know about its overall performance. We will know if your system is safe and working correctly.
  • Our technicians can replace parts that are old or worn down, your HVAC systems will be up and running in no time.
  • If you need an HVAC equipment replacement, we have high quality and dependable HVAC units available depending on your budget.
  • Our company is backed up by the best warranties in the industry
  • Our team will never pressure you into making a decision. We lay down all your options and wait for you to decide.
  • We have over eight years of experience in keeping families warm in the cold winter season and cool during the hot summer months
  • The best pricing and quality service, that’s what you get when you avail of our services

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Keep in mind that choosing the right HVAC contractor to install your system is the best defense you have against these sudden HVAC equipment mishaps.

Join the huge number of happy and loyal customers we have.

Call or send us a message now. Our trained technicians are ready to ensure that you and your family will stay comfortable all year long.

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